Our Team

All Staff Counselor Board of Directors Chaplaincy Seminary Faculty

Nomaan Baig

President of the Board of Directors and Executive Director

He is the founder and director of the Institute of Knowledge. 

Imtiaz Mohammady

CFO/Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Imtiaz is the CEO and President of Nisum Technologies, a global digital transformation company. 

Taher Dadabhoy

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Taher is a British-born American businessman who is the managing director of AST Sportswear Inc. and sits on the boards of five other companies. 

Ahmed Rangoonwala

Operations and Office Manager

Meher Ahmad

Development and Strategy Manager

Meher Ahmad  joins our team at IOK CHESS as the Development and Strategy Manager.

Sara Bokker

Office Assistant

Sara Bokker graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2001.

Yafa Aweinat

Associate Chaplain

Born and raised in Arizona and Southern California, Ustadha Yafa Aweinat has been teaching the recitation, memorization, and meaning of the Quran in many different capacities for the last decade. 

Jameel Besada

Associate Chaplain

Born and raised in Southern California, Shaykh Jameel Besada converted to Islam in 2003.

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