Ustadh Tabari Zahir

Ustadh Tabari Zahir

From 2004-2016, Ustadh Tabari passionately worked within the federal prison system helping to promote a variety of educational initiatives amongst inmates. This vulnerable population needed life skills services, personal coaching, secular and spiritual curriculums which he helped to operationalize by personally teaching while at the same time working with Chaplains and program directors. He continues similar work today counseling the formerly incarcerated population and facilitating their societal success by connecting them to the varied reentry services they desperately need. He is also a CA Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT-CA).

In 2016, Ustadh Tabari began to mentor inner-city youth in several SoCal organizations by helping them to implement their personal action plans toward solving current social justice issues. He currently teaches 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant youth instructing them via a spiritual curriculum infused with civic and social justice awareness.

In 2019, Ustadh Tabari entered a Master’s of social work program to professionalize his advocacy work amongst the justice-impacted. He intends to continue working with the Muslim and justice-impacted populations as a mental health and substance abuse professional. He currently works at the Khalil Center as a Therapist and we are honored to have him join us as a University Chaplain.


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CSUSB (California State University, San Bernardino)

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Ustadh Tabari Zahir

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