Mission Statement

To provide spiritual care, guidance, and education, based on traditional sources of understanding and living Islam, to Muslim students on university campuses.


To see a region where Muslim chaplains are serving all of the major educational institutions and working to develop and support generations of Muslim young professionals who are well-established in their faith and capable of giving back to their communities and society intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.

Goals and Objectives

Spiritual Care and Guidance

To provide regular opportunities for spiritual care and guidance to college students through weekly in person office hours and consultation through phone calls and email.

Religious Education

To provide regular religious education to college students based on traditional sources while relevant to their realities through on campus classes and halaqas.


To build relationships with students which reach beyond the boundaries of their campuses and connect them to the larger Muslim community.


To mentor and support students in their academic, professional, ethical, and spiritual development.


To advise student organizations in their decisions and programming while not interfering with their autonomy and self-determination.