Seminary FAQs

The following are some commonly asked questions about our Full and Part-Time Seminary programs with their answers. We hope this will make it easier for you to find the answers to any questions you might have. If you could not find what you need, you can reach us by email through our contact page or you can also call Sr. Sara Bokker to discuss any time before 4pm Monday – Friday, or 9-2PM Saturday (PST) 909-595-2401.

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Full-Time Seminary


I live far away and am unable to be there in person. Can I study online only?

Yes, we are able to offer online attendance options on a case-by-case basis. The fundamental requirement for succeeding in the IOK Seminary program for year 1 and 2 is command of Arabic Language and Grammar. We’ve seen from experience that in order for students to really learn the language, they need to be on-site interacting with their instructors. If however, you are a native arabic speaker, or show that you’re had significant experience learning arabic prior to joining the IOK Seminary, we can make an exception to your need to be on campus. Please be clear about your exposure to Arabic in your application.

What options are there for me – I’m a full-time student and working but I can attend occasionally.

We have many students who come a few days a week to class and listen online a few days. This combination seems to work quite well for them and is very manageable.

For our full-time seminary, we do have students who are doing it fully online. For full-time, how it works is that you can watch/listen to the lectures any time – not just live (which is 7:30 – 11:30 S/M/T/W/TH). In addition to lecture time, you’d need at least 1-2 hours per day for hw and revision. Not sure if this is doable for you but it is definitely possible should your personality/circumstances be a suitable match for such arrangement.

Another option is part-time seminary, which is held live here at IOK, and at Satellite locations across the state. Options to attend online live, or listen to recordings on-demand are also available.

I’m studying online only – how can I get my books?

You can pick them up, if in the area, or we can ship them to you if you are out of state, once all your fees are received in full.


How long is the seminary academic year?

The academic year consists of two semesters starting in September and ending in May. The first semester is from September to mid-January and the second semester is from mind-January to the end of May.

How many hours do I need to study per week?

1-2 hours per day of instruction, so an average of 5-10 hours/week for years 1 & 2. With each year, the work load increases and time required outside of class increases as well.

What are the timings of the classes for full-time seminary?

Monday and Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Fees & Financial Aid

How much is it to attend the seminary?

$4950 per year for tuition (9-month school year). There are also annual fees due each year (Registration/Books/Supplies/Security). These fees are required before books are distributed on the first day of class. All fees are required to be paid in full prior to the start of the academic year in order for you to receive access to your Sycamore Campus account which is the student learning portal.

The average for fees is $650-$750:
New Application – $100
Registration – $125
Security – $150
Books – $250
Supply Fee – $125

How is financial aid determined?

We use the TADS financial aid application. Each applicant submits required documents and pays the $55 processing fee. After that, you will hear back with an offer from the financial aid department. The deadline and application processing timeline is strict, therefore any applications submitted after the deadline will not receive notifications until funds generated from the community become available.

How much financial aid could I expect to receive?

There are many factors – how much financial aid is available as a whole for the year – your personal situation and needs – if you are able to submit the application on time when funds are still available. Please note that aid is reassessed year over year as students are expected to show that they are taking steps to not be dependent on aid. If however, we determine that you are zakat eligible, that option can apply for the long term.

Do I need to pay the $55 fee in order to apply for the IOK financial aid?

Yes, everyone who is requesting financial aid must pay the fee. If you need a fee waiver due to unemployment or another special circumstance, please email


How much Arabic do I need to know in order to attend?

You should have the ability to read fluently, as well as a basic understanding of vocabulary. You will have the chance to improve fluency and increase vocabulary, but must have a basic level in order to start.

Is there an age/schooling requirement to be part of the student body of the seminary program.

In general, one must be a high school graduate – or have an equivalency certification (like CHSPE or GED).

Program Dynamic

What is the class size?

Maximum class size is 30. However, the average on-site daily is around 10.

What is the ratio of male/female students?

It’s different every year, but in general is relatively even between males and females. This year in year 1, we do have a higher number of female students than male – 70 percent female and 30 percent male. For year 2, it’s 53% male and 47% female. Year 4 this year is 75% female and 25% male.

What is the background of the teachers?

Our faculty is made up of a diverse team of scholars who have graduated from the most prestigious Islamic Universities and Institutions throughout the world. In addition to acquiring traditional training in Islamic and Arabic Studies abroad, they have also graduated from or attended universities here, which gives them a deep understanding of the society and culture we live in. This unique combination creates a dynamic faculty that understands how to contextualize the tradition they are trained in.

Will I have a chance to ask my teacher one-on-one questions?

Yes – you can ask during class time and our instructors also available during their on-campus office hours where you may book ½ hour sessions to discuss academic or even personal issues. Instructors have office hours once a week for 90 minutes.

Are there any Shafi’/Maliki/Hanafi/Hanbali instructors?

We have instructors from every madthab. Hanafi fiqh is taught, but all are represented.

Diplomas & Degrees

What will I gain by a one-year diploma from IOK Seminary?

The diplomas program offers courses that will establish a foundational level of literacy in the major branches of Islamic Studies, including but not limited to Arabic, Theology, Quranic Studies, Hadīth Studies, Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh), Spirituality, and History. The goal of the diploma is to develop a solid foundation in the Arabic language and the major Islamic Sciences. The program will also address common objections raised against our faith and tradition through guided readings of papers, forums, and discussions.

What more can I know about the Associate Degree?

The Associate’s Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies is designed for students who want to seek knowledge in a formal and structured manner, but do not have the opportunity to spend a number of years travelling and studying abroad. The program, designed for high schools students and above, will give students a functional grasp of the Arabic language, as well as a detailed introduction to the foundational Islamic Sciences including ‘Ulūm al-Qur’ān (Qur’ān Studies), ‘Ulūm al-Hadīth (Hadīth Studies), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Usūl al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence), and Tazkiyyah (Spirituality).

The program will also address common objections raised against our faith and tradition through guided readings of papers and discussions. After completing the degree, students will be able to deliver lectures and sermons, lead study circles, teach introductory courses, and serve as after school or weekend-school Islamic Studies teachers while simultaneously pursuing their careers.

I want to find out more information about the Bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies. What are the requirements and the application deadlines?

The pre-requisites are the IOK Seminary one-year diploma and the IOK Seminary Associates Degree. Deadlines are different each year and can be found on the website and will be posted via social media as well.

What if I already have a Bachelor’s degree? Can I just go straight to the Master’s Program?

The program is such that each level is dependent on the one prior. Therefore, all levels must be completed in their proper order.


What are the steps in the IOK Seminary Application Process?

These are the current steps in the IOK Seminary Application Process.

  1. Application via Sycamore Campus
  2. Phone or in-person interview with Shaykh Furhan Zubairi, Dean of IOK Seminary
  3. TADS application if in need.
  4. Acceptance Email which details annual fees and tuition as well as payment options.
  5. Once all fees are collected, you will be given your Sycamore campus login as well as all your books.

How long will it take before I know whether or not I’m accepted?

60 days from submission of application, which includes an interview.

Could I get an application for the seminary program?

All applications are completed online; please visit the admissions and auditing page for more information and the direct link to apply.

I’d like to talk to someone via phone with more questions. Is that possible?

Yes, absolutely! You can also call Sr. Sara Bokker to discuss any time before 4pm Monday – Friday, or 9-2 Saturday (PST) 909-595-2401.

Part-Time Seminary

What are the requirements for a Part-Time Certificate in Islamic Studies?

The following courses are required in order to receive a PT Certificate in Islamic Studies: CRD-101, QRN-101, QRN-102, QRN-103, HDT-101, HDT-102, JRP-101, JRP-102, SRH-101, SPR-101

Would it be possible for me to try a day of classes before I register?

Yes, you may sit in on classes for 2 days in order to make your decision.

Is this program offer only weekdays or do we have option for weekend or even evenings?

Our full-time program is live weekdays but may be taken online.
Part-Time Schedule is Saturday. Live classes are from 9-11 and 11-1 on Saturdays.

How much are Part-Time Seminary Courses?

Part-time courses are $80/trimester per class.

Is financial aid available for PT Seminary courses? How can I apply?

In general, and in cases of genuine need, the financial aid department may grant discounts for courses. One would need to email and explain their situation and clarify how much they are able to pay. After that, an answer from the Financial Aid Committee will be emailed and would need to be acknowledged and accepted.

Do you have a list of available PT online courses?

Yes! Feel free to explore our part-time Seminary course offerings which are open and available year-round. Here is the link:

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