When the IOK Chaplaincy Initiative began in early 2015, it was a small program serving the needs of students at USC and UCLA. Since that time we have grown to serve almost all of the major universities in Southern California, including UCLA, USC, UCI, UCR, CSULB, and CPP. This year we have also added Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB). As this school year progresses, we strive to continue our work of guidance, spiritual care, and education at these campuses.

Last school year saw our chaplains give one-on-one and group time to over 700 students in an effort to strengthen mentor-mentee relationships with the brightest of our community. Providing them a safe and nurturing space to talk through their experiences and receive insight from scholars on issues that concern them has the potential to impact the course of their lives entirely. These meetings are the core of what we do and are vital for our youth to build systems of support that will carry them through their formative years.

Linked here is a full impact report highlighting our Chaplaincy work for 2017-2018. Please take a look at it and pray for the success of this work.