CSUN Report May 2018

CSUN Report May 2018

A partnership was struck between IOK and the Islamic Society West Valley and the IOK Chaplaincy at California State University, Northridge was born.  The spring semester of the 2018 academic school year marked the inception of the IOK Chaplaincy program at CSUN.

As a Northridge resident, I have a pre-standing relationship with the MSA at CSUN.  Thus, the transition into an official chaplaincy position was smooth.  Since I am a CSUN alumnus, it has been a walk down memory lane for me in many ways.  The welcome provided to me by the Muslim students at CSUN has made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Although, I started serving as the chaplain mid-year, I was able to develop a strong repoire with students by frequenting the weekly MSA meetings.  As students started learning about the chaplaincy services, they began to avail the weekly hours; and by the end of the semester, most slots were utilized.  Students sought and received counsel for personal struggles, family matters, relationship issues, religious guidance, Qu’ranic study and more.  Study circles were held on a weekly basis and students had the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions where they were able to further their understanding of Islam.

I have high hopes for the IOK Chaplaincy program at CSUN in the coming years.  May Allah grant us success in our efforts to preserve and grow Muslim students’ attachment and commitment to the Deen.

By Shaykh Suhail Mulla
Chaplain & IOK Seminary Instructor

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CSUN Report May 2018

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