Clean Slate by Sana (9th Grade)

Clean Slate by Sana (9th Grade)

It was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin Sa’eed bin Abu Hind that his father said: “I heard Ibn ‘Abbas saying that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Two blessings which many people squander: Good health and free time.’”

نِعْمَتَانِ مَغْبُونٌ فِيهِمَا كَثِيرٌ مِنَ النَّاسِ الصِّحَّةُ وَالْفَرَاغُ

With that said,
it’s time to talk about a “Clean Slate:”


I’m healthy.
It means a lot to me.
I was gifted a life
full of possibilities,
I’m strong spiritually.
I’m doing pretty good mentally.
Pretty much at the peak,
I’m talkin’ physically.
Now I know it’ll fade away,
Just like the light of day,
So I’m doing my best to appreciate,
Love instead of hate.

What you got for lunch, some Takis?
An apple, no wait, candies
Doritos, maybe even Fritos
Or some Flamin’ hot Cheetos,
to burn you up.
Then you wash it down with Seven-up,
Or maybe you order fast food,
In-n-Out, McDonalds, not zabiha-halal food
Now I ain’t judging, but at school?
Or maybe you don’t eat, tryna be extra skinny
Lay off those pounds, but too weak to even run around
Known it since you were four
Eat healthy, exercise more.

Heart problems, suicidal,
People thinking, why though –
Diabetes, cancer,
It ain’t even in my hands now.
Spiritually lost, perpetually floating, souls roaming,
Looking for a purpose when we already know it.
Lil’ hellions feeling rebellious, too proud to be grateful, got that inflated ego,
To careless to take care of
The clean slate that they own.

You poison your body and it’ll get to your head.
What do you think it does to your brain when all you do is lay in bed?
Infestin,’ a pest in, your noggin, but u just nod it off when
You should be in touch with your emotions,
should be in control, but let your pain drive you,
While you sit in the backseat,
Kidnapped in a SUV,
Chauffeur but it ain’t the right street,
Say there’s a lord but do you really believe>
Cuz if so then why can’t you see?
That you oughta take care of your body.
You won’t always be healthy.
There’ll be times when,
Feels like you’re trapped in
This sadistic arena of a world,
See things but it’s swirled,
But it’s okay cuz that’s normal.
Just gotta peel yourself off the ground.
Gotta turn things around.
Get outta the quicksand ‘fore you drown.

Bipolar, depression,
Society’s confession.
It’s all a big distraction.
Mentally gone, blank out all the time, all the lines, they blur together
A-D-H-D all you do is stare at the TV.
Too busy to spend time with the family,
Binjin’ so you don’t sleep.
Too immersed to be free.

It’s got you up in chains.
You act like you’re a slave –
But not to the Lord,
More like to the shows –
Netflix, Disney,
Why can’t we feel –
Blink, but you still don’t see.
Read, but you still don’t hear.
Pray, but you still don’t kneel.
Vessels, but we’re empty.
Physically healthy, it don’t mean nothing when
Your religiously starving.
Ain’t got no spiritual nutrition
Take your vitamins every morning –
Supplements to the Lord, eh?

Humility, submission,
Religious tradition –
Stay on the course when
You’re thrashing around in an ocean –
Pulling from every side an’
You’re ‘bout to break like porcelain,
There’s always a way.
Pick up the pieces an’ get some tape.
Put yourself together to make it,
‘Cuz the grass is greener on the other side.
Make sure you say the right words when you die.

A melody – physically, mentally, spiritually,
The verses that make the chorus,
The chains that make the necklace.
Be sure not to break it,
Or you’ll watch the pieces fall in slow motion..
But you won’t catch ‘em.
So save yourself ‘fore it’s too late.
Don’t be an ingrate.
Don’t dirty your Clean Slate.

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By Sana Sakr

9th Grade Institute of Knowledge Student

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Clean Slate by Sana (9th Grade)

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